A history of statistics from a fairly random selection of ‘climate chatterers’ on twitter. Started in September 2013, it checks from time to time the following tweeters;

https://twitter.com/MichaelEMann Michael Mann
https://twitter.com/alicebell Alice Bell
https://twitter.com/uksciencechief Sir Mark Walport
https://twitter.com/skepticscience John Cook
https://twitter.com/LeoHickman Leo Hickman
https://twitter.com/readfearn Graham Redfearn
https://twitter.com/ret_ward Bob Ward
https://twitter.com/ClimateOfGavin Gavin Schmidt
https://twitter.com/richardabetts Richard Betts
https://twitter.com/aDissentient Andrew Montford
https://twitter.com/ed_hawkins Ed Hawkins
https://twitter.com/tan123 Tom Nelson
https://twitter.com/Foxgoose Foxgoose
https://twitter.com/dougmcneall Doug McNeall
https://twitter.com/omnologos Maurizio Morabito
https://twitter.com/clim8resistance Ben Pile
https://twitter.com/BarryJWoods Barry Woods
https://twitter.com/ChairmanAl Climate Chimp
https://twitter.com/etzpcm Paul Matthews
https://twitter.com/nmrqip Jonathan Jones
https://twitter.com/shubclimate Shub Niggurath

Following requests for additional tweeters to be added to the list (some suggesting themselves, some suggesting others), the following tweeters are also being analysed (from April 2015). These will not necessarily always be included in the graphs.

https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard Tony Heller
https://twitter.com/wattsupwiththat Anthony Watts
https://twitter.com/KHayhoe Katharine Hayhoe
https://twitter.com/dana1981 Dana Nuccitelli
https://twitter.com/RogTallbloke Roger Tattershall
https://twitter.com/PeterGleick Peter Gleick
https://twitter.com/Carbongate Pure Climate Skeptic’
https://twitter.com/ScotClimate Mike Haseler
https://twitter.com/theresphysics ATTP’
https://twitter.com/JamesDelingpole James Delingpole
https://twitter.com/flimsin Tamsin Edwards
https://twitter.com/curryja Judith Curry
https://twitter.com/SouBundanga Sou Bundanga’
https://twitter.com/VariabilityBlog Victor Venema

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