What did you do when you knew?

There are only so many tweet graphs you can do, and wanting to analyse ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ is something I’ve been meaning to do. I did start a blog many years ago, when blogging wasn’t a ‘thing’, and called it ‘What did you do when you knew’? I guess I was shocked by inaction by many when faced with such an obvious need (to do something). I did mean to monitor my actions but never really got around to it, well I faltered after a few brave attempts.

As I recall, the first thing I mentioned was education. What was I learning about the need to reduce my own reliance on fossil fuels & how to do it? All I want to do with this particular post is to show a diagram which has influenced my subsequent behaviour over the last several years. There may be more posts or there may not. But here is Bill Dunsters’ diagram which has been the basis for my life changes in the past ten years.


and a more complex version

zed challenge


So that has been my focus – transport, buildings, food/consumerism.







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